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Brigantine Beach – City Services

A number of services are provided by the City and paid for from general revenues. Among them are police and fire protection, street lighting, road and park maintenance, recreation and playgrounds, snow removal, building and zoning protection and any emergency service affecting the community. The City also provides residential solid waste disposal, recycling, yard waste, and bulky items curbside removal. Residents of the City are furnished with water and sewer service by a City owned and operated system. Property owners pay a semi-annual charge for these services.

The administrative offices are located at 1417 W. Brigantine Avenue. Hours are Monday through Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Telephone: (609) 266-7600 Fax: (609) 266-3823.

Location and Character The City is bounded by the Atlantic Ocean, Brigantine Inlet, Absecon Inlet and inland waterways. The island is 6.39 square miles in area, half of which is owned by the State of New Jersey under the Green Acres Program. The Brigantine National Wildlife Refuge, a 20,000-acre national park, lies three miles northwest of the City. The City is primarily a residential community. It has no industry, though it does have commercial facilities that serve its residents. Expansion within the City is currently ‚ and is expected to remain ‚ primarily of a residential nature, with single-family homes comprising the majority of new construction on the island.

Roadway Access Brigantine Boulevard (NJ 87) provides passage over Absecon Inlet via a high-rise four-lane connecting bridge to Atlantic City. Access to Brigantine has been greatly improved with the July 2001 opening of a $330 million roadway linking the city with the Atlantic City Expressway. The new Atlantic City-Brigantine Connector was partially funded by the developers of the $1 billion Borgata casino-hotel complex, expected to open its doors in 2003. The Borgata project, located in Atlantic City’s Marina District just over the Brigantine Bridge, has sparked a wave of redevelopment in Atlantic City and has resulted in increased interest in residency in neighboring Brigantine.


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