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Edward P. Stinson P.E., C.M.E. City Engineer 609 – 266 – 7600


About Engineering

The Office of the City Engineer has responsibilities that include the improvement of City infrastructure, the review of development applications, road construction inspection, street excavation oversight, bulkhead permitting/construction inspection and the maintenance of municipal infrastructure record maps.

Typical infrastructure tasks include:

  • Preparing construction plans and specifications for roadway or drainage improvements.
  • Overseeing the design of road reconstruction or bridge replacement projects performed by consultants.
  • Overseeing pavement rehabilitation and pavement reclamation projects performed by our contractors.

The City Engineers reviews development plans and reports submitted to the Planning & Zoning Board to ensure that the applications comply with City regulations, ordinances and established design standards.  The review of individual site plans for new single-family homes is also performed.  The critiques include:

  • Subdivision applications for the creation of new streets and building lots
  • Site plans for corporate, industrial and retail developments
  • Driveway Permit Applications for new single-family homes

Excavation made in City streets by contractors and utility companies are regulated by ordinance, require a permit and are overseen by Engineering.  The staff inspects all excavation to ensure the proper backfilling, compaction and temporary paving of each street opening.  The coordination and scheduling of permanent pavement repairs is the final phase of the permit process.  Typical excavation purposes include:

  • Replacement of gas mains and/or services
  • Repair of water main breaks or leaking water services
  • New connections to the public sanitary sewer and/or water main
  • Replacement of sidewalks and driveways within the City right of way

Lastly, engineering also has the responsibility of the following tasks:

  • Coordinates the installation of water main extensions and prepares water main assessments.
  • Prepares application for state and federal construction reimbursement programs.
  • Coordinates stormwater management requirements and implements stormwater ordinance provisions.

Documents from City Engineer

Street Evaluation 10-24-13

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